a unique blend of business and technical savvy, communication talent and smiling aptitude

   I am a digital entrepreneur with over 16 years experience defining strategies and driving roadmaps that maximize business goals and generate authentic value for the customers. I constantly keep myself accountable for results.


   As a leading intrapreneur I enable internal changes. Running global reach programs, I provide clarity and structure in complex business and IT environments, I orchestrate interdependencies within intricate eco-systems.


   I always follow through to maintain an excellent stakeholders relationship. I have a firm and assertive approach to people but I use gentle manners and a positive attitude to consistently communicate, engage and motivate.


   As a problem solver and someone who thinks outside the box, I launched 3 startups and I stirred worldwide leading companies towards their agile transformation.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act but a habit.” #StrategyWins #Aristotle

  • "It was great pleasure to work together with Marco for half a year. Communication was excellent, even though we were located in different countries. Marco showed interest to understand the key points of technical implementation, while focusing on organizing the backlog, the tasks and structure when needed. I'm sure he can fit and adapt in different technological project and would recommend him as a great person to work with. Hope to meet again in the future in another project."

    Ioannis Panagiotopoulos
    Ioannis PanagiotopoulosMarco managed indirectly Ioannis at ING
  • "Marco is a professional, he cares about the product, company and team. He is very focused in obtaining the best and thorough in the details. In other hand is a joy to work with him, with his good mood and positive attitude. I will like to work with him again."

    Pablo Roca Rozas
    Pablo Roca RozasMarco managed Pablo at ING
  • "I have experienced Marco as a calm and competent Product Owner. I would have no hesitation to hire him again."

    Roberto Tjin
    Roberto TjinRoberto worked with Marco at ING
  • "I have been working with Marco for a few months in Modelbank in several mobile projects.

    Marco has always been focused on his work, achieving high quality results and helping everyone who needs it. Marco has a very nice personality, team spirit and a good sense of humor.

    Given the above, I can confirm Marco is a very valuable Product Owner that I do not hesitate to recommend."

    Marcos Martínez AlonsoMarco managed Marcos at ING
  • "I worked with Marco for over 1 year at multiple projects at Yahoo. He demonstrated a great effectivity at organising projects. He was able to break down a project into small achievable tasks, define clear goals and follow up at the right time to ensure projects kept moving forward.

    With Marco you can trust that any project you ask him to manage will get done, leaving no stone unturned to find all resources necessary to achieve the desired outcome.

    I also had the opportuniy to organize inclass trainig with him. He created a compeling presentation and delivered an engaging and clear training to the audience.

    If you are looking for someone responsible to manage a project and communicate effectively with your stakeholders, Marco is a reliable choice."

    Emilio Navarro Rodriguez
    Emilio Navarro RodriguezEmilio worked with Marco at Yahoo
  • "Marco came along and helped us to find clarity of thought, define a product roadmap, and most importantly was able to take a mass of complex requirements described by non-techies and translate them into actionable projects for our developers.

    He did this with charm, wit and humility. I hope to work with Marco again soon!"

    Max Knupfer
    Max KnupferMax worked with Marco at Luckylink
  • "Marco, you have structured our tech road map, manage our product delivery process and provide your passion at getting our team get up to speed!

    I am so grateful to you!"

    Ben Kaminsky
    Ben KaminskyBen woeked with Marco at Luckylink
  • "Marco is not only an excellent project and product manager, but also a terrific guy to have on my team. He's hard-working, focused, reliable and highly professional. Furthermore, he worked on our projects with passion and creativity, offering his own considerable experience helping us maintain momentum and focus.

    I can't recommend Marco highly enough."

    Charlie Markham
    Charlie MarkhamCharlie managed Marco at Luckylink
  • "I had a pleasure of managing Marco for over a year as part of Tech Ops team at Yahoo. He is a result-driven self-motivated specialist with a very structured and mature approach to getting things done. He played an integral role in launching multiple advertising products in EMEA region partnering with key stakeholders and ensuring accountability for result at all levels."

    Sergey Kremko
    Sergey KremkoSergey managed Marco at Yahoo
  • "Marco has been a tremendous partner for me at Yahoo. He combines key business sense with excellent technical knowledge. He has really supported the development of the Gemini API business and supported both clients internally and externally to find solutions for their challenges."

    Mick Loizou Michail
    Mick Loizou MichailMick worked directly with Marco at Yahoo
  • "Marco is very organized, with excellent experience in the project management area. While at Yahoo, he was a pivotal contributor of many important projects. From liaising directly with senior business leadership, to constructing training and documentation frameworks, Marco isn't afraid to dive in to any project and carve a path to success"

    Amanda Durkan
    Amanda DurkanAmanda worked directly with Marco at Yahoo
  • "Marco is an innovative, result driven, precise and hardworking team player. Customer focused and proactive. Can focus on many tasks at once. His wide proficiency and leadership makes him really valuable asset to the team.

    It was a pleasure to work with you in your time at Yahoo!"

    Piotr Piwowarczyk
    Piotr PiwowarczykPiotr worked directly with Marco at Yahoo
  • "Marco has a highly qualified profile, He provides key insights for the strategic management of the company. He has developed tools which cut down all process-required time and boost our productivity.

    Having Marco in the team ensures that goals are reached on-time. Proactive and always one step ahead of eventual necessities.

    What I really enjoy about working together with him is learning something new every day."

    Nath Lilienfeld
    Nath LilienfeldNath worked directly with Marco at Rolig
  • "Marco's been an amazing partner on the Yahoo Gemini API marketplace. Out of dozens of business partners, and as the EMEA marketplace tech lead, Marco always stands out as being exceptionally proactive, always willing to tackle big obstacles and improve process and functionality across our advertising platforms. He's obviously incredibly technically savvy, but he's also very good at distilling complex thoughts for non-tech partners.

    Any team would be lucky to have Marco as either an individual contributor or one who leads and develops teams. He has my highest recommendation."

    Steve Tate
    Steve TateSteve worked with Marco at Yahoo
  • "I had the pleasure to work with Marco side by side and he proved to be an excellent team mate, he has an incredible ability to prioritize and organize things allowing the team to move forward step by step thus achieving all goals. He showed great time management and was able to jugle multiple projects at the same time keeping stakeholders on different timezones aligned and updated.

    I certainly recommend working with Marco, he brings a positive energy to the team."

    Alejandro Garcia De Frenza
    Alejandro Garcia De FrenzaAlejandro worked with Marco at Yahoo
  • "Marco ha sido un gran puntal para la consolidación de nuestro proyecto empresarial. Es un profesional resolutivo, intuitivo y con gran sentido del deber. Es un gran conocedor del entorno 2.0 y sabe desenvolverse perfectamente en todas las áreas del marketing online. Además, su expertis del medio tecnológico, hace de él un excepcional gestor de proyectos 360º

    Un gran organizador del trabajo propio y del equipo que gestiona al estar acostumbrado a trabajar por objetivos de manera autónoma. Sabe anticiparse a las necesidades del cliente y, ante la adversidad, ofrecer soluciones alternativas e innovadoras.

    Es sin lugar a dudas uno de los profesionales más completos con los que he tenido el placer de trabajar."

    Rafa Grávalos
    Rafa GrávalosRafa worked directly with Marco at Buzzery
  • "Working with Marco was a great experience, he is a very good professional and a colleague. His management skills was very strong and also he was a very valuable person in the team.

    For me it was a pleasure to work with him"

    Albert Masdevall Perpiña
    Albert Masdevall PerpiñaAlbert managed Marco at everis
  • "Marco is very detail-oriented manager, he has strong strategic and organizational skills, I've learnt very much working with him. I strongly believe he will have big success in his professional life.

    A pleasure have known him."

    Otto Riello
    Otto RielloOtto worked directly with Marco at SmilingEffect
  • "Marco was a very efficient Technical Program Manager while working in our team. He helped speed up our project by handling user communication and improving our tools for gathering data from our users."

    Manuel Marquez
    Manuel MarquezManuel was managed by Marco indirectly at Google
  • "I met Marco at university 9 years ago and since then we are friends. We studied together, had fun together and it's one year that we are working together on the SmilingEffect project. He's a cheerful, smart, curious and dynamic person. Professional and accurate at work. Good communicator, problem solver, always available when you need him.

    An addition to any company and a treasure as a friend."

    Lucianna Chiacchiaro
    Lucianna ChiacchiaroLucianna worked directly with Marco at SmilingEffect
  • "La proactividad, confianza, creatividad y afán de superación son los rasgos distintivos de este gran profesional. Puedo decir que en el tiempo que he estado con él, siempre ha destacado por su espíritu emprendedor, por sus ganas de hacer cosas nuevas y alcanzar sus retos.

    Y siempre con la mejor de las sonrisas."

    Pablo Borrás García
    Pablo Borrás GarcíaPablo studied with Marco at ISDI
  • "Marco es un gran compañero con el que poder trabajar, tiene una gran capacidad resolutiva así como un destacado carácter emprendedor, estoy seguro que con el tiempo conseguirá todo lo que se proponga. En el periodo que trabajamos juntos aprendí mucho de él como profesional y todas sus opiniones eran muy valoradas por el resto del equipo.

    Es una bellísima persona."

    Robert Delgado Pons
    Robert Delgado PonsRobert studied with Marco at ISDI
  • "Marco tiene una excelente capacidad de adaptación y una llamativa eficacia a la hora de resolver problemas. Es positivo y resolutivo, además de un gran compañero.

    Un profesional altamente recomendable."

    Ana Manzanedo
    Ana ManzanedoAna studied with Marco at ISDI

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